sex dolls

going berserk

Sybilla 2 - Deadly Doll
Dolls are androids based on organic machines. Their advanced artificial intelligence made them popular as service androids, and their look and feel made them perfect Sex Dolls. When nanites turned Sex Dolls into murderous killing machines, Sybilla is appointed to the case and she makes the alarming discovery that these nanites have close ties to her own origins.

medical exam

Part 2 - Emergency
Sybillas and Cypsys visit at Jacks diner ends with bad news and a medical exam.


Part 3 - Unpleasant memories
A visit at the labs reminds Sybilla on times when she was abused for horrible experiments.

doll sex test

Part 4 - Quality Control
After killing an annoying SDO soldier Sybilla reaches the Doll factory. At a lab where the sexual functions of Dolls are tested she gets interesting informations.

Part 5 - Waist Disposal
It does not take long for Sybilla to realize that she has found the source of the rouge nanites. Of course she still finds some time to have fun with the freaks down there.

Part 6 - Final
Sybilla fights the infected dolls till the cleaners take over. Sybilla returns to Cypsi and Jack but something seems to worry her.

Sybilla 1 - The Illegal Snuff Club

After a night of hot and rough sex Sybilla enjoys a tender moment with her new squeeze. Gypsy is a submissive and promising cutie, an unemployed povo without rights who is happy to have found a warm and safe place for the night. Sybilla, to her delight, learnt that she had found herself a true masochistic little gem.

lesbian domination

hot ass

Part 1 - Back To Work
When corpses are found in the sewers and a snuff club is suspected, Sybilla is annoyed that she has to work on such a trivial case. Soon, however, she learns that there is much more behind this case than simple littering.
imdercover agent

slave traders

Part 2 - Downtown
Sybilla meets up with a undercover agent who shows her the way to the place the corpses have been found. A dangerous area, ruled by a gang of sordid slave traders. Fortunately Sybilla knows them, and they remember their encounter with her only to well.
slimy nest


Part 3 - The Sewers
Humidity, corpses and the last moments of a man eating monster


Part 4 - Trouble with the SDO
Some violent interaction between Sybilla and the SDO. Military shows up and stops the fight.
i might kill you

dont spank me

Part 5 - Preparations
Roberto and Sybilla, who shows her playful side, prepare for their undercover mission
electro torture

needle pain

Part 6 - The Show
The show begins with some electro torture and the needle pain song.

mistress and slave

Part 7 - Back Home
The USC takes over and Sybilla realizes she has forgotten something important.
Mad Scientists Lab Of Horror