Mad Scientist Horror Porn

Imperial Agent Sybilla

Mad scientists and helpless victims
Creepy parasites, alien monsters and tentacles
Horrible and painfull experiments
Slave clones undergoing body modifications
Abducted and examined by aliens
Abducted and abused by alien tentacles
Slave clones turned into limbless toys
Living furniture for depraved customers
Used as breeder for creepy monsters
Victim of the laboratory of horror porn

Mad Scientist Porn

Update: Monster Attacks

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Governments and national states are a thing of the past. The world is ruled by companies and banks, united in a plutocratic system. Social status and power depends on income and shares a person holds. No income, no stocks, no rights.

The Imperial Police works independently from banks and companies. A special section of the police, the Imperial Agents, deals with crimes that threaten the security of the Empire.

Sybilla is one of those Agents, infamous for her short temper and brutality.

Adults Only

        Agent Sybilla - Illegal Snuff Club

Part 1 : Submissive Sex Toy - Part 2 : Downtown
Part 3 : Sewers & Monsters - Part 4 : A brawl
Part 5 : Preparations - Part 6 : The SM Show
Part 7 : Back home

        Agent Sybilla 2 - Deadly Dolls

Part 1 : Sex Dolls going berserk - Part 2 : Bad news
Part 3 : Unpleasant memories - Part 4 : Sex Doll Labs
Part 5 : Doll freaks - Part 6: Ending

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Milk slaves giving their best at the slave farm - Rubber slaves and latex whores of the rubber nun - Slave nuns of the church of hell
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Abused nuns of the church of hell - School for Dickgirl slaves

Slaver Porn

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